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Major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, ZTE, announced that it has completed a 5G Call, Internet and WeChat Connection, marking another milestone in 5G commercial use.

ZTE Mobile Devices is expected to launch its first commercial 5G smartphone within the first half of 2019. It previously announced it will “unveil [a] 5G smartphone and experimental product of 5G CPE by the end of 2018”.

In April 2018, ZTE demonstrated the first 5G call using the 3GPP R15 global standard. ZTE Mobile Devices completed the 5G call with a ZTE smartphone and a ZTE CPE device via a simulation system in its Shanghai R&D Center at the end of October.

ZTE Mobile Devices made the 5G Internet and WeChat connection on a ZTE smartphone via the same simulation system.

At present, the frequency band that 5G smartphones support is mainly sub6G, whereas ZTE Mobile Devices’ industry-leading Antenna-integrated solution supports full coverage from the sub6G to the millimeter waves, including plentiful combinations of CA and EN-DC, meeting the requirements of mainstream carriers around the world.

With regard to the ZTE 5G smartphone, 5G Data Service Testing continues to make progress. Additional multi-scenario R&D tests are expected to be conducted in December.

ZTE has carried out 5G trials based on 5G end-to-end solutions. ZTE’s continuous innovation on 5G core technologies will exponentially improve the mobile Internet experience through its 5G end-to-end solutions.

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