“Limelight Network’s private CDN network coupled with our move to build a stronger edge presence, are committed to helping our clients tackle challenges in delivering quality digital content to end-users, and ultimately improve overall customer experience,” says Jaheer Abbas, the Senior Director of Limelight Networks for Southeast Asia and India.

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In order to know more about telcos’ digital transformation and the role of satellite operators in the 5G era, Telecom Review spoke to Karl Horne, VP, Telco/MNO Data Solutions, SES Networks at ConnecTechAsia 2019.

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When Peter Knight, the editor of the business newsletter of the Sunday Times, coined the term “FinTech” in the 1980s, it was only to describe a bot that had reorganised his mailbox. Little did he know that this word, an abbreviation of “financial technology”, would somehow slink into the back-end systems of orthodox financial firms throughout the 2000s and eventually find its way into the common vernacular during the global financial crisis of 2007-2008. The crisis, which wreaked financial apocalypse on 50% of the world’s GDP, caused worldwide distrust, lack of confidence and dubiety towards traditional banking establishments – all of which were necessary ingredients to sow the seeds of innovation and creation that would lead to a new breed of financial institutions known as FinTechs.

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