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Autonomous driving has been envisioned as the future of mobility to bring about benefits such as enhanced mobility, safer and less congested roads, as well as reduced environmental impacts. But owing to a combination of factors such as regulation, technology and infrastructure, it has not yet fully materialised. Nevertheless, the industry remains hopeful as technology providers, automobile companies and OEMs continue to secure strategic partnerships to gain a head start into the future of autonomous driving.

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MWC Shanghai 2021 kicked off yesterday as the first large-scale hybrid event of its kind, hosted by GSMA. Taking place from 23rd to 25th February, MWC Shanghai 2021 showcases Asia’s mobile industry.

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The world ushered in 2020 with anticipation and merriment, only to have moods quickly dampened when a novel coronavirus reared its ugly head. Before long, COVID-19 gripped countries globally. By the end of last year, the pandemic killed about 2 million people worldwide.

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